The dark web is a secret section of the internet that is purposefully unreachable through conventional search engines. Smartphones can be used for a variety of purposes there. Although not all smartphone use on the dark web is associated with illegal activity, there are cases in which people utilize these devices to commit cybercrime. Smartphones can be used for dark web cybercrime in the following ways:

Getting on the Dark Web:

Users can visit the dark web anonymously by using specialized browsers like Tor (The Onion Router). Smartphone users can connect to the dark web via mobile versions of Tor.


Smartphone users frequently utilize encrypted messaging apps like Wickr, Telegram, and Signal to communicate securely on the dark web. End-to-end encryption offered by these apps makes it challenging for authorities to intercept and interpret messages.

Transactions Using Cryptocurrencies:

On the dark web, smartphones are frequently utilized for cryptocurrency transactions. Because they are pseudonymous, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are frequently utilized for illegal transactions. Users can maintain their cryptocurrency holdings using a variety of mobile wallets.

Unlawful Online Marketplaces:

Dark web markets can be accessed with specialized browsers and run on encrypted networks. Users can purchase and sell a wide range of illicit items and services on these markets, such as drugs, hacking tools, stolen data, and more. These marketplaces are easily accessible through smartphone apps or mobile websites.

Both social engineering and phishing:

Cybercriminals may conduct social engineering or phishing campaigns using cellphones. People may receive emails or messages with malicious attachments or links intended to deceive them into disclosing private information like login passwords.

Hacking remotely:

Smartphones are a common tool used by cybercriminals for remote hacking. They might use mobile devices to break into networks without authorization, attack other systems, or take advantage of security holes.

Botnet Management:

Smartphones can be included into botnets, which are compromised device networks under the control of a single person. Malicious uses for these botnets include malware distribution, cryptocurrency mining, and distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) assaults.

Pseudonymy and Anonymity:

On the dark web, smartphones can be used to create and administer pseudonymous identities. To stay somewhat anonymous, people who commit cybercrime may use disposable or anonymous SIM cards.

It is noteworthy that cellphones have legal and necessary uses in addition to becoming tools for crimes on the dark web. In order to protect the security and safety of online areas, law enforcement organizations from all over the world are actively fighting cybercrime, including actions on the dark web.

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